Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Moon Sculpture

Here is a sculpture I made for the New Moon show at My Plastic Heart. The opening was this last friday and the pieces are still on display if you can make it down there.

This was really my first serious attempt at sculpture and I have to say I had a pretty fun time making it. I really liked being able to make a character in a 3 dimensional medium. I fully plan on sculpting more in the near future and I already am sketching out my next piece.

The show was themed around the Chinese zodiac and we each had to choose a year. I chose the year of the pig and I had an idea to make him kind of a serious little guy but then also to make him a piggy bank with a chinese coin in his slot (you can't see it from this angle, but it's there.) Here are some rough sketches I made for him early on.


Lorraine said...

Mr. Pig looks very cool and clean.. What kind of plastic clay did you use? Or did you carve it from a square of plastic? Naw that sounds odd.. How big is pig?

Mike Luzzi said...

Hi Lorraine,

I made him out of Sculpey. He has an armature inside that I made out of foil and some armature wire. I baked him and then sanded him down to get him extra smooth. He is about 6 inches tall.